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Web Copy that Sells: DIY Tips from a Freelance Copywriter

I often write website copy for entrepreneurs in the start-up phase — folks with tight budgets and DIY attitudes.

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Think Globally, Act Locally Online

I recently learned that online shoppers are four times more likely to buy if they can conduct a transaction in their native tongue. Surprising isn’t it? Especially when you consider that over half of all Inter­net users do not use English as their first language….

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Business Networking Comes of Age Online

A few weeks ago, I got a phone call from the San Francisco Bay area about a job. The caller found my name and profile on an online networking website I had joined the day before. Then, he Googled me and found my personal website…

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Newsletter Versus Blog: The Battle Continues

So, I’ve been working for a company in the manufacturing industry. And one of my tasks there is to grow brand awareness using the Internet — develop a slick new website, optimize it for search engines, set up a pay-per-click and banner advertising campaign, and so on. And, most importantly (for the purposes of this article), launch a business blog.

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PPC: Search Engine Optimization’s New Rival

Rob MacDonald had a problem. His Vancouver based bicycle company, jorg&olif, had become the talk of town, but his website traffic wasn’t reflecting the buzz. Frustrated, he Googled his company, but his website was nowhere to be found… Sound familiar? Ready to give pay-per-click advertising…

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PR & 2.0: Creating Relationships in the Communication Revolution

A number of months ago, the Vancouver coffee scene started buzzing when a local coffee giant traded insults with a customer who posted a negative comment on her coffee blog about her experience with his brew. Unfortunately from a PR perspective, this argument went on,…

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Demystifying 2.0: It Really is a Web, Afterall

Oh, there’s still so much learn about the Internet. Did you know the web had ‘editions’ and we’re now on ‘2.0’? Yes, you blinked. Web 1.0 (coined retroactively after 2.0 became the ‘it’ term among the technical elite) is long-gone and Web 2.0 has taken…

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