I love to cook. And eat. When I’m not working, you’ll likely find me in the kitchen messing with pots and pans and recipes that call for bacon or chocolate or both.

It was my love of food that inspired the new brand. To me, an egg yolk is an ideal metaphor for how I work with my clients. As a key nutrient source, the egg’s yolk is chock full of all that good stuff necessary to nourish a growing embryo to hatch. It’s a name perfectly aligned with my mission to help businesses and nonprofits use targeted, creative communications strategies to feed their business goals and grow strong, sustainable organizations.

Why now?

The consultancy is growing and timing was right. My recent expansion from Los Angeles to Vancouver, BC positions Yolk to serve both Canadian clients as well as those in the US. And, though I’m an independent consultant, I often work with a variety of creative partners to offer end-to-end marketing communications services. A new brand that reflected this evolution and my excitement for the future was simply in the cards.

Mmmm. That little egg looks tasty!

Fried up with a side of thick-cut apple smoked pork, perhaps? Not on your life! He’s my new mascot — eager to get cracking. Just like me.

Welcome to Yolk.

Thanks for stopping by. Questions? Comments? Think we may be a fit? Pick up the phone or fire off an email. I look forward to talking to you.

Sheena Daniels